June 13, 2014 RS Movers

6-13-2014 Sector RS Gainers6-13-2014 Sector RS Losers6-13-2014 GT500 RS Gainers

GT500 RS Gainers on FINVIZ

6-13-2014 GT500 RS Losers

GT500 RS Losers on FINVIZ

There are many valuable ways to look at Relative Strength; some of my favorites are patterns of strength and weakness, and big RS movers over short periods.  The movers list also gives clues of rotation through large point moves and clustering.  This is just a starting place for your research, so get to it!

The explanation of my methodology is here

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  • N2OO2

    Hi Mr. Lackey, even after studying, I’m unsure I could grasp this. However, the purpose of my note is not to talk about what I am able to learn, it’s about thanking guys like you who are so truly helpful to others. I’ve been a teacher for 25 years. Some of the finest teachers I know (sort of know} can be found on stocktwits. You are one of those guys. Thank you for your unselfishness and your sincere interest in helping individual investors have success in the markets. Sincerely, -ralph braseth

    • gtlackey

      Ralph, thank you for reading and the kind words. they are greatly appreciated, I have a big soft spot for teachers as there are many in my Family. My one goal is to give more than I take, so I hope these help many. I will continue to post them as long as time permits.
      I am sure you will pick it up with time; and as a teacher you know asking questions can speed up the process, so don’t hesitate. Also, don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be. All this scan does for me is point me to things that are moving different than the rest of the the names in the universe. From there, the chart tells the real story which can be long, short, stalk or pass. Don’t just look at gainers as longs and losers as shorts here, often the opposite will present itself.