Introducing the all new GT500…Index

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Introducing the all new GT500…Index


Sorry Hot Rod, not exactly what first comes to mind when you hear GT500, but that is the new custom stock index I created.  Those who follow my relative strength work have had a preview for the last few weeks when I adjusted my old universe from 418 up to 500 companies.  Seemed like good timing since I had to rebuild my data anyway.  Another thing many know about me is I am a motorhead, so you can expect car references to continue to pop up throughout the site.  The GT500 index is the base universe for my relative strength scans.  There is no special secret formula or deliberation by an unnamed group from behind closed doors like in the S&P indexes.  The basic construction of this index is derived from the top 15+ holdings in the 29 Dow Jones Sector/Industry indexes that I follow with a few extra names I throw in for some spice.  I like spice, so I added in things like $DDD $CRUS $LKQ $SAM among others.  So far, the current recipe is treating me well.  As far as rebalancing….whenever I get to it.  As you can probably tell there is not a lot of formality.  Below is a recent snapshot of the Sectors/Industries:

I am not going to list all 500 companies here; however, if you would like the full list, hit me up.  I will be happy to share it.

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