July 2, 2015 Sector ETF RS Rankings

Sector Proxy ETF RS Rankings7-2-2015 Sector Proxy ETF RS RankingsVanguard Sector ETFs on FINVIZ

Equal Weight Sector ETF RS Rankings7-2-2015 EW Sector Proxy ETF RS RankingsEqual Weight Sector ETFs on FINVIZ

Basic Materials ETF RS Rankings7-2-2015 Basic Materials ETF RS RankingsBasic Materials ETFs on FINVIZ

Consumer Discretionary ETF RS Rankings7-2-2015 Consumer Discretionary ETF RS RankingsConsumer Discretionary ETFs on FINVIZ

Consumer Staples ETF RS Rankings7-2-2015 Consumer Staples ETF RS RankingsConsumer Staples ETFs on FINVIZ

Energy ETF RS Rankings7-2-2015 Energy ETF RS RankingsEnergy ETFs on FINVIZ

Financials ETF RS Rankings7-2-2015 Financials ETF RS RankingsFinancials ETFs on FINVIZ

Health Care ETF RS Rankings7-2-2015 Health Care ETF RS RankingsHealth Care ETFs on FINVIZ

Industrials ETF RS Rankings7-2-2015 Industrials ETF RS RankingsIndustrials ETFs on FINVIZ

Real Estate ETF RS Rankings7-2-2015 Real Estate ETF RS RankingsReal Estate ETFs on FINVIZ

Technology ETF RS Rankings7-2-2015 Technology ETF RS RankingsTechnology ETFs on FINVIZ

Utilities ETF RS Rankings7-2-2015 Utilities ETF RS RankingsUtilities ETFs on FINVIZ

Top 30 Sector ETF RS Rankings7-2-2015 Top 30 Sector ETF RS RankingsTop 30 Sector ETF RS Rankings on FINVIZ

Bottom 30 Sector ETF RS Rankings7-2-2015 Bottom 30 Sector ETF RS RankingsBottom 30 Sector ETF RS Rankings on FINVIZ

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