Making My Debut…Buck Naked!

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Making My Debut…Buck Naked!

Okay, let me tell you where I have been….well that is not exactly what this blog is about so I digress.  Many of you know me as @gtlackey where I have been posting charts and analysis for a while on and porting it to  I say that because there is a ginormous difference in the two, but that is another post for later.  Mostly, I posted charts, scans and a few blogs from time to time.  Earlier this year, I decided the charts were great, scans are essential, but I wanted to share more technical material in the form of blog posts to allow for more interaction and growth on my ideas.  I wanted to be able to post anything I found in my research for others to expound on.  it was a great place to start my blogging at my company’s website at  I appreciate the opportunity to start blogging through the site, but the work I do now has expanded and needs room to grow.   So I decided to move most of my technical work here so I could have that room.  In making this decision, I had two main obstacles to getting the task done.  The first being how do I want to brand my blog and second how would I get all the content moved over from the old website with my overextended schedule.  These two factors bogged me down for more than two months and have kept me from launching the new site and all the new ideas that are brewing in my head.  Enough is Enough!

This weekend I decided to punt both of these problems for now.  The most important being the branding.  I have been in business long enough to realize how important branding is in a venture.  I have seen it both work for and against businesses based on factors I would never have thought of.  I wanted to build the site for my technical work, but also add in some other fun stuff that I get myself into.   However, every time I sit down to work on the website look recently, I have gotten frustrated and began to force ideas.  Then, like clockwork, a phrase my father said to me a million times pops into my head, “Son, your work is your signature.”  This week it finally sunk in again and I realized my work is my Brand!  I am not giving up on putting together a fun look that molds together many of the things I enjoy inside and outside of markets, but for now I am fine coming to the stage Buck Naked!

Now that the big one was solved, the small task (yeah right) of moving my previous work over from the old site has been kicked to the curb for now as well.  So, in a sense, I will be starting with a totally clean sheet of paper.  I will move it over as time passes, but my understanding as of now is there is not a good way to port the post from Drupal to WordPress easily.  If I am wrong about this, please let me know and I will move it immediately.  Until that time, a link to the old website will have to be sufficient.

So, lucky for most of you that you will not really have to see me naked, but the website will be for the time being so I can concentrate on building my Brand by putting out my signature work.  The best and most helpful analysis that I can produce, as that is all we can really provide, isn’t it?  I look forward to ramping up the creative juices and seeing what comes out the other end in the coming months.  I hope to provide the type of data and analysis good enough to earn your time…and will get to the design as good ideas come to the surface.

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