New Tools: May 15, 2015 Breadth Thrust Dashboards

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New Tools: May 15, 2015 Breadth Thrust Dashboards

As mentioned a few weeks ago, I am always working on ways to find potential fast moves early.  One of the better short term breadth indicators I use for reversal plays is the Breadth Thrust Indicator which I alway post on the broad sector level, but until now it has taken too long to search through all 49 subsectors to see where we might have a good potential for a more focused bottom.  I actually prefer this indicator to the McClellan Oscillator because it is a ratio calculation allowing for better relative comparisons to other subsectors.  It is an even bigger bonus is that this indicator gets no respect, most see a bunch of squiggly erratic lines on the chart.  I have seen the Breadth Thrust Indicator dismissed so many times, which makes it that much more valuable in my eyes.

This weekend I built this layout that allows quick scanning of all 49 subsectors on one screen.   I am still working with its size and scaling for best visual.  So far, I like it.  I am sure I will include this in the SIN report from time to time, but for now I will be monitoring its characteristics closely to see how best to utilize it in my portfolio management process.  Let me know if you have any ideas, I always appreciate a good conversation on how to better use my tools.

Broad Sectors5-15-2015 BSec Breath Thrust DashboardBasic Materials5-18-2015 Basic Materials SS BreadthThrust DBConsumer Discretionary5-18-2015 Consumer Discretionary SS BreadthThrust DBConsumer Staples5-18-2015 Consumer Staples SS BreadthThrust DBEnergy5-18-2015 Energy SS BreadthThrust DBFinancials5-18-2015 Financials SS BreadthThrust DBHealth Care5-18-2015 Health Care SS BreadthThrust DBIndustrials5-18-2015 Industrials SS BreadthThrust DBReal Estate5-18-2015 Real Estate SS BreadthThrust DBTechnology5-18-2015 Technology SS BreadthThrust DBUtilities5-18-2015 Utilities SS BreadthThrust DB

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