Relative Strength Movers

Relative Strength Movers Scans are based on my proprietary RS calculation where the securities in the universe scanned are ranked from 0 to 99 based on strength within the group.  This particular scan is designed to filter out securities that have moved a large amount (usually 20 or 25 point) over the last 5 trading days.  I do split the list up by the gainers and losers, but don’t make the mistake of thinking that is a buy or sell signal in and of itself.  Always remember my RS calculation is tweaked for short to intermediate changes, so it can provide much different results than the longer term relative strength measures most are used to seeing.  I use these scans to identify what is moving differently in either direction and then run them through my charting process which is where I build my directional scenarios.  I have also found it is worth looking a bit closer at the lists as they can give early signals of sector rotation through clustering.  An explanation can be found here

The RS Movers Scans can be done on any universe I choose.  The current scans available are listed below:

GT500 & ETF RS Movers is a daily scan to keep abreast of character changes in the markets

Weekly Option RS Movers (coming soon)