Special Edition: Weekly Option Relative Strength Movers

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Special Edition: Weekly Option Relative Strength Movers

I thought I would share with you a scan I am personally working with for my clients shorter term opportunities.  This scan consists of 2 individual universes.  One made up all the stocks (333 securities) that trade weekly options the other with all the ETFs (61 securities) that have weekly options.  I then apply my relative strength calculation to rank each universe; and finally I scan for those which have moved more than 20 relative strength points from 5 periods ago.  As a reminder, my Relative Strength Calculation is a 3 month front weighted view that helps me spot changes in character of securities within the universe.  Whether or not there is a trade comes later in the process, but I have found this a great way to ferret out names with good potential for acceleration.  So I thought I would share it this week for all those who trade weekly options. It has been a nice tell so far in my studying it.

WO Equity RS Gainers5-1-2015 WO Equity RS Gainers Equity Gainers FINVIZ

WO Equity RS Losers5-1-2015 WO Equity RS Losers Equity Losers FINVIZ

WO ETF RS Gainers5-1-2015 WO ETF RS Gainers ETF Gainers FINVIZ

WO ETF RS Losers5-1-2015 WO ETF RS Losers ETF Losers FINVIZ

To this point I have only shared this scan with a very select few professionals, but I feel for a certain type of trader this scan can be invaluable on a daily and or weekly basis. I do some of this work for my clients as mentioned, but really don’t feel I am utilizing it to anywhere near it’s fullest potential, therefore I am seriously thinking about offering this scan on a daily basis as a monthly subscription.  If you think you might be interested in getting this every evening (potentially along with a few of my favorite looking charts) email me: gtlackey@gmail.com and let me know your thoughts.

Good Luck and I hope this helps!

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