Standing Desk Mock Up

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Standing Desk Mock Up

.For about six months I have been on a kick to improve my health with small changes instead of forcing myself to change my whole routine. My daily routine has become my system and it is working well for me with one exception, it unfortunately doesn’t leave much time to exercise right now and I needed a way to help fix that.  Up to this point most of the adjustments have been to my diet, which I am happy to say have helped me shed over 20 pounds in about 7 months (and keep it off so far).  That is good and all, but the fact I am not getting any exercise is have really been nagging me and to add insult to injury, I have developed a very nasty crick in my neck since a couple of weeks after I started the SIN Report due to the extra time looking up at my screens.  Something had to change!

Many of my followers know I have become very interested in the idea of building a standing desk since as at least a small step to get me in better shape and today I finally made the leap…kind of.

My research started with and article by Darren Miller (@djmphd) in his post Standing Desk was quickly followed by one from I believe Brian Shannon (@alphatrends) but cannot seem to find that link now.  After that I started working on my own plan.  the problem I have is the multiple monitor set up was not dealt with in most of the ideas I saw at or on You Tube videos I watched.  Most were basically set up for a keyboard and one 22-22in monitor and that just wasn’t going to work. I needed more space!

The general rules I used were:

  1. Desktop should be about elbow height
  2. Desktop needed to be almost full size for keyboard, notebooks, etc.
  3. Monitors should be set so eye level falls in the top 1/3 to 1/4 of the screen space
  4. Need some type of mat since my office has a tile floor with no cushion at all

Now, I wanted to figure out how to try it out before spending a bunch of money just in case I hate it or my back cannot survive.  So below are some pics of what I came up with.

photo (5)

on the right side for the laptop and Monitor I used a 42″ X 24″ bookcase turned backwards with a 36″ shelf attached to the top for extra surface.

photo (6)

Until I get the Lack table I am using another box for my laptop mouse.  Now that everything is accounted for the next pic is a view from where I will be standing…literally.

photo (7)It’s a start!  Now, I understand this does not take the place of exercise so I did fit one more thing into my plan…

photo (8)

My exerbike rolls right up to the desk and gives me the ability to go to the next level when ready.

It is not a treadmill desk, but I am not sure I need that with the exerbike and the fact that I am a very nervous energy person by nature, so I expect to be moving around a good bit during the day.  I guess I need to get a Fuelband or Fitbit soon to see how many steps I actually get in.

So there it is and so far hasn’t cost me one penny and if I don’t like it I can be back to my old setup within 2hrs.  Better yet, if I should decide to keep it, once buying the Lack table I will still come out with about $50 in the whole setup! (I am much more into functionality than pretty)

5/2/2014 Update:

I have finshied the dest with a few changes.  The I used the smaller LACK Coffee Table from IKEA for $19 + $15 shipping and got out for around $37.  The larger table was too big for me surface.  I also cut 3.25″ off each leg to bring it to height.  If you do this make sure you cut them off from the bottom and save the pieces you cut.  You will need them when you got to put the shelf in for measurement.  The legs are hollow, but have an insert to screw the shelf brackets too.  And….here it is:

photo (9)

My cat is a showoff while the dog is shy.

So, there you have it!  After a couple of months, I like the set up a lot, only complaint was for 1 week when I hurt my back in the yard, it was a pain to find something to sit on. That means next search is a comfortable bar stool.

For anyone looking into moving to this, I hope this post helps and am happy to answer any additional questions you may have about it.

Have a great evening and good luck on your next DIY project!


Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with the markets, so those aren’t necessary.  Okay, if you want something…I currently do not hold any positions in IKEA, NIKE or Fitbit. lol

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