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Drilling Deep Into the Oil Patch pt 2: Sizing up the Fields

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Yesterday’s original post, Drilling Deep into the Oil Patch built the case for a potential bottom in energy even if short-term.  I also pointed out that when things get this stretched to one side and short-term divergences start showing up then the snap back move can be fast and furious.  After a slow morning, the Energy space turned in a pretty solid day in a volatile environment.

Today I wanted to follow-up and give you the raw relative strength lists for the subsectors so you can do some of your own digging around.  This data is as of last night, so it does take into account Monday’s action.  It is also worth noting there is no filter on these groups so you will see some sub $3 securities of which many are making big moves.  Just realize those big moves come with an extra helping of risk, so be careful.  If you want a quick view of the charts, just click on the FINVIZ links below each table and you are there.

Independent Oil & Gas8-12-2015 Energy IndOG Relative StrengthFINVIZ Link

Oil & Gas Equipment & Services8-12-2015 Energy OG EquipSvc Relative Strength


Oil & Gas Exploration & Production8-12-2015 Energy OG ExplProd Relative Strength


Oil & Gas Integrated, Refining & Marketing8-12-2015 Energy OG IntRefMkt Relative Strength


Oil & Gas Pipelines8-12-2015 Energy OG Pipelines Relative Strength


Above has all the subsectors,  I know it can get a little hard to read the longer lists, but am still trying to find a gallery that allows for more zooming.  Until then, get the basics from the tables and use the FINVIZ from there.  Don’t forget to look back at the original post to see the movers and check on how they performed with the included links.

Good Luck and I hope this helps!

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