The Nitrous Scan

Nitorus Oxide System

“If you are looking for securities with the potential of excessive acceleration, hook up The Nitrous Scan and strap in!”

The Nitrous Scan is a derivative of the RSI work I do that triggers in a security when moving averages on RSI give a specific signal.  This scan is designed to find securities that are already moving fast and have a good opportunity of not only continuing the move but accelerating.  It provides a fresh list of new securities to review each and every day as the trigger cannot occur on consecutive days and rarely if ever repeats within a week.  The constant flow provided makes it easier to cut underperforming assets as potential new opportunities are always available.

I was introduced to the acceleration concept almost a decade ago when studying the Relative Strength Index with Andrew Cardwell and after years of working with the concept more extensively I built The Nitrous Scan and combined with our proprietary Relative Strength work.  Today there are two versions, the original Nitrous Scan and the inverse which is duly named the Meltdown Scan are both designed to look for strong moves that might expect continuation either immediately or sooner than later.